Every library department has a News correspondent who can post news stories and information about events, services, etc. on the Libraries' News & Events site. Correspondents also have permissions to post to the MIT events calendar.

For guidelines and help, see the News Site Web Guidelines on the staff web.

If you're not sure who your correspondent is, check the list below. To request a new correspondent for your department, email news-editors-lib@mit.edu.

To email all news correspondents, email news-lib@mit.edu

News correspondents by department (the following also have MIT Events Calendar event administrator access):

Research and Learning

Community Engagement:
Sylvia Figueroa-Ortiz

LIRS: Mark Szarko

Lewis Music Library: Laura Crook Brisson

DSS: [Vacant]

IDLA: [Vacant]

Digital Library Services


  • Darcy Duke
  • Stephanie Hartman


DDC: Jana Dambrogio

Scholarly Communications and Collections Strategy: Katharine Dunn

AKDC: Michael Toler

Admin. Services and Director's Office

Administrative Services

  • Brigham Fay
  • Ned Wolfe
  • Palak Patel

Research/CREOS: [Vacant]

The following library staff also have MIT Events Calendar event administrator access:
Nick Albaugh
Matt Bernhardt
Avery Boddie
Melissa Feiden   
Lisa Horowitz
Emily Kramer
Donald Long  
Palak Patel   
Karrie Peterson 

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