The Project Review Committee invites proposals to develop new services, collections, or capabilities in the MIT Libraries. Our goal is to encourage staff to think creatively about the possibilities for developing new and innovative projects that will move us forward in constructing the next generation research library. Proposals are welcomed from any member of the staff.

 A project should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • requires input and buy-in beyond the originating unit.
  • requires time beyond the usual work of affected staff.
  • costs exceed what can be supported by existing local or central budget lines.


1.     Begin by filling out the brief proposal form.

2.     We will review your submission and contact you if clarification is needed.

3.     We will approve promising proposals and forward them to Steering Committee.  Proposals that are not approved will be returned with an explanation and advice on potential changes or alternate routes for the idea.

4.     After your brief proposal is approved by Steering Committee, we will ask you to complete the full proposal form.  A small pool of expert staff will be designated to help proposers flesh out their project descriptions.

5.    The committee will review the full proposals and will request clarification or more information if necessary.

6.     Full proposals will be forwarded to Steering Committee for final approval and funding prioritization. Funded projects will be overseen by a standard project management process.

Our goal is to respond as quickly as we can. After we have received some proposals we'll create a status page that you may consult to see where your submission is in the process. A list of all the submissions will be available for everyone to view.

Thank you! The Project Review Committee (

- Christine Quirion
- Nicole Hennig
- Marlene Manoff
- Rich Wenger
- Barbara Williams

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