Group Members:

  • Rachel Chasin
  • Christy Swartz
  • Kayla Meduna
  • TA: Katrina Panovich,

Problem Statement:

Many parents want their kids to have fun, but they don’t want to worry about if their child is ok or not. Many kids don’t want to have their parents worry about them, but they don’t want to have to answer the phone or text their parents, either because they're too busy to answer, or simply don't want to talk to them in front of their friends. Parents don't want to interfere so much that their kids are annoyed by them, but this happens all too often when parents call frequently asking where their child is and what they are up to. If the child is a teenager, those caring but incessant calls can cause an emotional rift between the child and the parents--something that neither party wants, but nothing technologically exists to ease the transition. Parents need to have that feeling of security; children need to have that feeling of independence.

CheckIn gives the parents security and the kids safe independence. With CheckIn, a kid can tell their parents they’re ok and tell them where they are simply, efficiently, and without interfering with their current activity. Parents need to be able to set dates and times for reminders and view a log of all of the places where their children have checked in. CheckIn makes it easy for parents and their children to get along.

GR1 - Project Proposal and Analysis

GR2 - Designs

GR3 - Paper Prototyping

GR4 - Computer Prototyping

GR6 - User Testing

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