Musical Sketches

Group Members

  • Zachary Segal,
  • Stephen Freiberg,
  • Aubrey Colter,
  • TA: Katrina Panovich,

Problem Statement

Music students must compose music while keeping up with their busy lives. They can not control when they will think of a theme, bass line, or rhythmic pattern. If they can not write it down immediately, they risk forgetting the idea. They waste time and energy struggling to remember or thinking of new ideas when their environment is conducive to composition.  

Our app will allow students to quickly pull out their smart phones and place the notes on a staff while waiting in line at Starbucks, sitting on the bus, or walking around town. Our vision is to design the app so users can compose quick sketches (not symphonies) that can be played back later.

GR1 - Task Analysis

GR2 - Designs

GR3 - Paper Prototyping

GR4 - Computer Prototyping

GR5 - Implementation

GR6 - User Testing

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