The plant main structure is a spar-type platform with catenary (or taut-line) mooring, similar to a floating oil/gas rig.  This design eliminates transmission of seismic loads from the ocean floor, and it offers the best compromise between cost and dynamic stability with respect to waves, wind and blast. 

Spar draft: ~41 m
Main deck height: ~15 m above water level
Spar diameter: ~45 m
Displacement: ~25,000 ton 

Water-tight underdeck compartments (Levels 3 and below) house the nuclear island (reactor, safety systems, containment), the turbine island (turbine, generator, condenser, feedwater heaters, feedwater pumps, etc.), the spent fuel pool, the control room, the battery room, the radwaste facilities, the desalination units and the condensate storage tank (CST).  (see figures below)  The water-tight compartments are divided both vertically and azimuthally, to ensure floatation in case of breach of accidental flooding of one level. (see figure below)

The crane, crew living quarters, helipad, life boats and (non-safety) diesel generator are above the main deck.





Isometric 3D views of the OFNPP with spar-type platform



Cross-sectional view of plant (refueling deck elevation).

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