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The rigidity imparted to a fluid by rotation is investigated by studying flow over a submerged obstacle.

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  2. Our names are Robbie Nedbor-Gross and Louis Dumas and we are Johns Hopkins students in the Earth and Planetary Science department.  We have been working with the Weather in a Tank experiments as interns and have focused a lot on the Taylor Columns experiment and ways to improve it.  The student who worked on the project before us built a light box to put underneath the tank and in the box he put a magnet on a small conveyer belt which can be moved electronically from outside the tank, so the Taylor column that forms in our experiment will move.  We then bought a new roller hockey puck for the experiment because its design greatly reduces friction so the puck's movement is much less jagged. Also, we built a side-view camera stand in which we placed a wood board underneath the box and sticking out to the side, we then attached  to that a small camera stand to be even with the tank. In this experiment we move the a Taylor column side to side and observe the effects using paper dots and dye and it is captured on video with the side view camera. Also included are pictures of the light box and side view camera stand. 

    Here are the links to the videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKKkm00YubI


  3. As MIT students of 12.307 Weather and Climate Lab, we studied Taylor columns both in rotating fluid experiments and in the real world.

    See our results here: https://wikis.mit.edu/confluence/display/PAOCLABG/12.307%3A+Shannon+Duffy%2C+Kathryn+Mohr%2C+Mike+Teodros.

    Shannon, Kathryn and Mike