NOTE: A hybrid version of this Remote IT Support Model with limited in person support will be running from  December 19th, 2023 through and including Friday February 3rd, 2024. We will return to the in-person support model on Monday February 5th, 2024 following the end of IAP.

For all in-person appointment requests during MIT Final Exams and IAP, please contact your DLC's SHASS Tech Liaison.

Below is the model of IT support that we can provide during this time of working remotely from home while conforming with the MIT Covid-19 response with regard to meetings. (
With virtually all of SHASS working off campus, and our working remotely as well, it is inevitable that there will be delays in providing support. In this context we will be implementing a two tier system.

What we do and do not support can be found in our In-Person IT Support Model Details here.

Tier 1: Remote Support (full remote and hybrid)

We will be offering remote support using either Email, Skype, Zoom, and/or Bomgar. Depending on the severity of the issue and comfort of the user we will be talking people through issues, sharing screens and if need be remotely controlling the computer.

Support clients who need assistance should email one of these support emails

M-F 8am-3pm with requests for SHASS IT help. Due to the volume of spam and emails we receive we cannot guarantee a timely response if the request for assistance is not sent to one of these 4 emails. If possible please include a screenshot of any error messages or behaviors you see. 

Due to the quantity of spam we receive and the unpredictability of the spam filter, it is important users DO NOT email us directly. Send your email to one of the 4 support email addresses above. This is the only way we can guarantee a fast response time.

How to take a screenshot on the Mac:
How to take a screenshot in Windows 10:

The ATLAS Walk-in Service Center has permanently shut down.  There is no in-person IS&T IT assistance or hardware repair services available on campus until further notice.

The Apple Store is currently open across Massachusetts.

For those who live in or near Allston/Brighton at the Green Line B-Branch Packard's Corner stop, the Computer Loft is also open.

The IS&T Computing Help Call Center is still available 24 hours/day 7 days/week at 3-1101 (on campus) or 617-253-1101 (off campus).  You can also send them email at computing-help at mit dot edu or servicedesk at mit dot edu . If you need assistance with the MIT financial or student systems, please ask for "Business Help."

Tier 2: Offsite Support (full remote only)

For new computer setups, forced computer upgrades, and issues that cannot be handled remotely we will be offering Mail support via FedEx. 

You can ship your computers to Dan’s house in Scituate since package theft is highly unlikely in his area and to Albert in Cambridge only in cases of a surge in computers to fix or special requests. To minimize exposure for everyone we feel this is the best way to continue to support you. It requires the least amount of travel and the fewest possible face to face interactions with other people.

How to Ship

Once we've determined that your new computer needs to be shipped for us to work on it, what should you do?

Step 1: If possible create a backup of your files and keep it with you.

Step 2: Safely package your computer via the Fed Ex packing guidelines.

The Fed Ex packing guidelines can also be found here: HowToPack_EMEA_GB.pdf

Step 3: Dan will email you a shipping label once your computer is packed and ready to go. Print the label and tape it securely to your package.

Step 4: Whichever option is safer and/or more convenient for you, arrange for Fed Ex to either come by to pick up your package at your address or you may drop off your package at a Fed Ex Drop Box or Fed Ex service location.

Once Fed Ex has it, off it goes to Dan on the South Shore.

Step 5: Once the support service has been completed Dan will FedEx your computer back to your house, or address of your choice.  We will return all computers and devices securely and properly packaged and request that people do the same when shipping the devices to Dan’s house. When shipping anything through a package delivery service there is always some risk once the package is out of your and our hands. 

Keeping everyone safe without exception

To respect the privacy of everyone and their families and to protect the health and safety of everyone and their families from potential exposure to Covid-19 by asymptomatic carriers, there can be no exceptions to the contactless shipping rules via Fed Ex provided above.


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