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More Information

perMIT Project

The perMIT project's purpose is to translate MIT's RolesDB, in production use for over 10 years, to an open source community project and finally deliver to the world a usable Permission Management System.

perMIT benefits to MIT

  • Provide a service interface to authorization management, facillitating loosely coupled applications that are not tightly bound to a specific database product or schema
  • Create a system that provides high availability and failover
  • Provide an authorization management system that can be used to support applications that are aware of federated authentication. The system must be able to represent authorizations where the community is broader than one simply defined by people that have an MIT Kerberos principal.

This Week

11/09/2009 - 11/13/2009

  • working on data feed programs
  • new category wrok related to Cybersource, including data feeds
  • MACE paccman selected use case responses
  • ETL investigation

Recent progress

  • several of the data feeds have been converted to dual feeds into Roles and perMIT
  • four ETL tools have been selected for further investigation
  • MACE paccman use case responses