Editors: Robert Gooding-Williams, Sally Haslanger, Ishani Maitra, Ronald Sundstrom, Cynthia Willett.
Editorial Board: Linda Martin Alcoff, Amy R. Allen, Lawrence Blum, Charles Mills, Jennifer Saul, Tommie Shelby, Falguni Sheth.

You may access the new SGRP website and an archive of symposia at: http://web.mit.edu/sgrp

These symposia provide opportunities for philosophers and other scholars to discuss current work on race and gender. We aim to make feminist philosophy and philosophy of race more visible to academic philosophers and others; to provide a forum for feminists and race theorists to respond rapidly to recent philosophical contributions to their fields; and to provide a forum for sustained and productive conversations between philosophers, feminists and race theorists.  To access the symposia, click on the links under "Children" below.

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