Acronyms, abbreviations and lingo used at MIT

This wiki aims to help community members decipher the "alphabet soup" of acronyms and other mysterious terms used at the Institute. It builds on a list created in the MIT Libraries in 1989 that morphed into a web site managed at various times by Janet Snover, Bill Litant and Catherine Avril. Old and even defunct acronyms and abbreviations are included here because some people still use them. Most of the items are MIT terms, but some external organizations that are referred to at MIT are also included.

There's also a page with MIT lingo. You can navigate using the "trail" inside the dark bar at the very top of this page, or by clicking on Browse Space and then Pages in the navigation bar at left.

To make this list truly useful and up to date, we need your help! If you're a member of the MIT community with MIT web certificates, you can make changes or additions to almost anything in this wiki. This includes making new entries and adding links to current entries. Just go to the page where you want to add or change an entry, log in at the top of the page, and hit Edit.

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MIT lingo

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  1. This is a great resource!  Thanks for putting it together.  I look forward to hopefully contributing to this wiki and to passing it along to many colleagues and friends at MIT.